Hengstler Encoder Cross Reference - RS and Farnell Encoders

A limited range of Hengstler branded encoders are listed in the RS Components and Farnell catalogues. These are incremental encoders with specific resolutions and a restricted range of features; however, the number of actual possible variants are abundant.

The following table shows the RS or Farnell catalogue part number and the exact Hengstler equivalent with links to the relevant pages on this site.

RS Encoders

RS Catalogue NumberHengstler NumberData Sheet
260-3718RI32-O/ 50ER.11KBRI32-O Encoder
260-3724RI32-O/ 100ER.11KBRI32-O Encoder
260-3746RI32-O/ 360ER.11KBRI32-O Encoder
260-3768RI32-O/ 500ER.11KBRI32-O Encoder
260-3774RI32-O/ 1000ER.11KBRI32-O Encoder
260-3780RI32-O/ 1024ER.11KBRI32-O Encoder
291-4210RI38-O/ 50EQ.11KBRI38-O Encoder
291-4226RI38-O/ 100EQ.11KBRI38-O Encoder
291-4232RI38-O/ 360EQ.11KBRI38-O Encoder
291-4248RI38-O/ 500EQ.11KBRI38-O Encoder
291-4254RI38-O/ 1000EQ.11KBRI38-O Encoder
291-4412RI58-D/ 0360ED.37KBRI58-D Encoder
291-4383RI58-D/ 500AD.37RBRI58-D Encoder
260-3948RI58-D/ 1024AD.37RBRI58-D Encoder
291-4399RI58-D/ 2500AD.37RBRI58-D Encoder
291-4406RI58-D/ 5000AD.37RBRI58-D Encoder
260-3960RI58-D/ 1024ED.37KBRI58-D Encoder
291-4282RI58-O/ 100EK.42KBRI58-O Encoder
291-4298RI58-O/ 360EK.42KBRI58-O Encoder
291-4305RI58-O/ 500EK.42KBRI58-O Encoder
291-4311RI58-O/ 1000EK.42KBRI58-O Encoder
291-4327RI58-O/ 1024EK.42KBRI58-O Encoder
291-4333RI58-O/ 2500EK.42KBRI58-O Encoder
291-4349RI58-O/ 5000EK.42KBRI58-O Encoder
666-6867AC36/ 1212ER.41SGBAC36 Encoder
480-0488AC58/ 0013EK.42SGBAC58 Encoder
480-0551AC58/ 0360EK.42PGBAC58 Encoder
666-6883AD35/ 0013AF.ORSCBAD35 Encoder
666-6895AD36/ 0017EF.ORSCBAD36 Encoder
666-6892AD36/ 0013EF.ORSCBAD36 Encoder
666-6899AD36/ 1213EF.ORSCBAD36 Encoder
666-6909AD36/ 1217EF.ORSCBAD36 Encoder
666-6915AD58/ 0017A1.OKSCBAD58 Encoder
666-6902AD58/ 0013A1.OKSCBAD58 Encoder

Farnell Encoders

Farnell Catalogue NumberHengstler NumberData Sheet
615936RI32-O/ 100AR.14KBRI32-O Encoder
615948RI32-O/ 360AR.14KBRI32-O Encoder
615950RI32-O/ 1000AR.14KBRI32-O Encoder
615973RI32-O/ 360ER.14KBRI32-O Encoder
615985RI32-O/ 1000ER.14KBRI32-O Encoder
616000RI58-D/ 1000ED.32IBRI58-D Encoder
616060RI58-D/ 5000ED.37IBRI58-D Encoder
615894RI58-O/ 5000AS.41RBRI58-O Encoder
7234510RI58-O/ 1000EK.42IBRI58-O Encoder
7031622RI59-O/ 1000EQ.7AIBRI59-O Encoder