Absolute Rotary Encoder - Motor Feedback

Hengstler motor feedback absolute encoders have body sizes between 37.5mm and 58mm diameter. Choose from solid shaft, hub shaft or hollow through shaft, each option is supplied with a spring tether attachment for mounting the body of the encoder. Please see the individual data sheets for shaft size options. These encoders are capable of continuous operation of up to 10,000 RPM (Revolutions Per Minute). The maximum operating temperature range is an impressive 120°C making this product ideal for all your motor applications. Resolutions of up to 22 bit (single turn only) with a protection class rating of IP40 can be supplied. Supply voltages are 5V or 7-30V DC with output signals including BiSS or SSI via a radial or axial 12 pole PCB connector. Typical examples of use are motor feedback, medical, measuring instruments, military and robotics.

Type Max. Resolution Available Max. Shaft IP Rating Housing Diameter Shaft Diameters Available Interface Reference Data Sheet
AD34 19 Bit ST / 12 Bit MT + 19 Bit ST IP40 37.5mm Ø 6mm BiSS/SSI AE0022 1.32 MB - PDF
AD35 22 Bit ST IP40 37.5mm Ø 8mm BiSS/SSI AE0023 1.32 MB - PDF
AD36 19 Bit ST / 12 Bit MT + 19 Bit ST IP40 37.5mm Ø 8mm BiSS/SSI AE0024 1.31 MB - PDF
AD58 22 Bit ST / 12 Bit MT + 22 Bit ST IP40 58mm Ø 10mm BiSS/SSI AE0025 1.20 MB - PDF

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