Incremental Rotary Encoder - Light Duty

Hengstler light duty incremental rotary encoders have body sizes between 30mm and 40mm diameter. The housing is constructed with light and durable materials, either reinforced glass fiber or plastic. Typically these encoders are smaller than those shown within the solid shaft section of this website and can fit where space is limited. Our light duty incremental encoders are capable of resolutions up to 1,500 PPR (Pulses Per Revolution). Shaft diameter sizes are 5mm and 6mm with protection class ratings of up to IP64. Output signals include 10-30V DC push-pull or push-pull complimentary. Due to their construction, limitation of resolution, outputs, connection options and protection class they are also known as economy encoders. See the individual data sheets for exact product specifications. All light duty incremental rotary encoders are RoHS compliant, UL approved and CE marked. Typical applications include; laboratory equipment, crimping machines, labelling machines, graphic and textile machines.

Type Pulses Per Revolution Max. Shaft IP Rating Housing Diameter Shaft Diameters Available Reference Data Sheet
RI32 5 to 1500 IP40 30mm Ø 5mm/6mm IE0512 1.22 MB - PDF
RI38 5 to 1024 IP40 39mm Ø 6mm IE0513 1.27 MB - PDF
RI42 5 to 1024 IP64 40mm Ø 6mm IE0514 1.22 MB - PDF

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