Incremental Rotary Encoder - Hollow Through Shaft

Hengstler hollow through shaft incremental encoders, unlike hollow hub shaft encoders, do not have restricted mounting depths as the shaft passes completely through the encoder body. The rotating shaft is accessible from both the front and rear of the encoder allowing multiple connection possibilities. Body sizes are between 58mm and 76mm diameter and are constructed of light aluminium. The housing of the encoder is secured via a spring tether or stator coupling and the rotating shaft is secured by means of a front or rear clamping ring and set-screw. Typical through shaft diameter sizes are between 10mm and 42mm with protection class ratings of up to IP67 and resolutions of up to 10,000 PPR (Pulses Per Revolution). See the individual data sheets for exact product specifications. Hollow through shaft rotary encoders are RoHS compliant, UL approved and CE marked. Typical applications include actuators, motors and general industrial use.

Type Pulses Per Revolution Max. Shaft IP Rating Housing Diameter Shaft Diameters Available Reference Data Sheet
RI76-TD 50 to 10000 IP64 76mm Ø 15mm to 42mm IE0511 1.40 MB - PDF
RI58-D 1 to 5000 IP64 58mm Ø 10mm/12mm IE0506 1.42 MB - PDF
RI58-F 1 to 10000 IP64 58mm Ø 10mm/12mm IE0507 1.30 MB - PDF
RI58-G 50 to 5000 IP64 58mm Ø 14mm/15mm IE0509 1.24 MB - PDF
RI58-H 1 to 5000 IP64 58mm Ø 10mm/12mm IE0510 1.27 MB - PDF
RI58-G 50 to 2500 IP64 58mm Ø 14mm/15mm IE0509 1.24 MB - PDF
RI64 360 to 5000 IP64 63mm Ø 12mm/14mm/15mm/16mm IE0508 1.29 MB - PDF

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