Incremental Rotary Encoder - ATEX

Hengstler ATEX incremental shaft encoders have a 70mm body size and are available with an aluminium or stainless steel housing for applications where regular wash down situations are likely to occur, they can also be used in highly corrosive environments. ATEX encoder enclosures are explosion proof, approved by the PTB, therefore permitted for use in hazardous or explosive areas. The exact ATEX codes and permitted use of this equipment can be found within the data sheets or download section of this website. We offer one type of encoder here with a 10mm shaft, mounting options are clamping flange only. Choose between IP64 or IP67 protection class rating and resolutions of up to 10,000 PPR (Pulses Per Revolution). Output signals include 10-30V DC push-pull, push-pull complimentary or 5V DC RS422 with a sense or an alarm output option. ATEX rotary shaft encoders are RoHS compliant, UL approved and CE marked. Typical examples of use are oilfield applications, petro chemistry, enamelling production line, bottling machines, mixer and silo works.

Type Pulses Per Revolution Max. Shaft IP Rating Housing Diameter Shaft Diameters Available Reference Data Sheet
RX70/71 1 to 10000 IP67 70mm Ø 10mm IE0516 839.22 KB - PDF

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