Hengstler Rotary Encoders - Incremental Encoders

Impulse Automation is an official authorised supplier and distribution partner for all Hengstler rotary encoders.

Hengstler incremental rotary encoders are available with body sizes between 30mm and 58mm diameter; they are constructed using aluminium making them durable yet very light. Hengstler rotary encoder mounting options include synchro, pilot, clamping or square flange with shaft diameters between 5mm and 12mm, protection class ratings of up to IP67 and resolutions of up to 10,000 PPR (Pulses Per Revolution).

Rotary encoder output signals include 10-30V DC push-pull, push-pull complimentary or 5V DC RS422 with a sense or an alarm output option - see the individual data sheets for exact product specifications. Hengstler Incremental rotary encoders are RoHS compliant, UL approved, and CE marked. Typical applications include door closing devices, robots, ultrasonic welding, drilling and mixing machines.

Impulse Automation Limited is the official UK authorised distribution partner for all Hengstler rotary encoders in the UK. Impulse Automation is in direct contact with the Hengstler encoder sales and management team, and have complete access to the Hengstler technical, production and logistic departments, therefore making us the obvious choice for all your Hengstler encoder requirements.

Please email sales@impulseautomation.co.uk or call us for a quick price and delivery information, we look forward to speaking with you very soon.

Type Pulses Per Revolution Max. Shaft IP Rating Housing Diameter Shaft Diameters Available Reference Data Sheet
RI58-O 1 to 10000 IP67 58mm Ø 6mm/6.35mm/7mm/9.52mm/10mm/12mm IE0504 1.80 MB - PDF
RI30-O 5 to 1500 IP64 30mm Ø 5mm IE0501 1.38 MB - PDF
RI36-O 5 to 3600 IP64 36mm Ø 6mm/6.35mm IE0502 1.34 MB - PDF
RI41 5 to 3600 IP40 40mm Ø 6mm IE0503 1.22 MB - PDF

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