Welcome to The Encoder Company, an internet marketing name of Impulse Automation Limited, the official distribution partner for all Hengstler encoders.

Impulse Automation Limited is a long established components distribution company with over 50 years’ experience within its market sector.

  We’re an official distribution partner for Hengstler encoders, we are in direct contact with the Hengstler encoder sales and management team and have complete access to the Hengstler technical, production and logistics department, therefore making us the obvious choice for all your Hengstler rotary encoder requirements.

  The encoder company website is dedicated to Hengstler incremental and absolute encoders. For information on our other products including solenoids, relays, timers & counters or pneumatics, please visit Impulse Automation where you will find links to these sites.

  Our encoders, sourced from manufacturers renowned for their quality and innovative designs, these include Hengstler, Harowe, Dynapar and NorthStar.

  Here on the Encoder Company website, you can find every type of Hengstler rotary shaft encoder from small incremental to high-resolution single-turn or multi-turn absolute encoders designed to meet, and in many cases, exceed industry standards. Our portfolio of encoders includes incremental or absolute, heavy duty, stainless steel and ATEX certified industrial encoders. Interface options include SSI, BiSS, PROFIBUS, DeviceNet, EtherCAT, InterBus, CANLayer2, CANopen and SUCOnet.

  In addition to standard products we can also engineer customer specific items and assemblies which can be tailored to your exact requirements - please call for further information.

  We hope you find this website easy to use and informative. If there’s any additional information that you cannot find, please do not hesitate to call us.

  We look forward to speaking with you soon.